With Toys “R” Us Out of the Picture, Amazon Plans Nostalgic Toy Catalog


Bringing back a holiday favorite, Amazon has plans to publish a physical toy catalog, filling the void left by Toys “R” Us. According to Bloomberg and their sources, a printed toy catalog will be sent via mail to “millions of U.S. households.” The catalog will also be passed out at Whole Foods Market locations.

This move signals Amazon’s ongoing efforts to diversify their offerings, establish brick-and-mortar dominance, and utilize strategies from traditional retail. In addition to Amazon Books, Amazon Go, and the acquisition of Whole Foods, creating a physical toy catalog will help Amazon capture an increasingly diverse customer base.

Right now, details on the catalog are scarce. Here are the questions we’re asking:

  • To what extent will Amazon’s toy catalog be pay-to-play?
  • Will all brands have the opportunity to place themselves in the catalog?
  • As they’ve done with other industries, is Amazon developing a private-label line of toys?
  • Will the catalog be focused solely on children, or also offer “toys” for adults?