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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the packaging only available on Amazon?
This packaging is specifically designed for e-commerce. To maximize efficiency and reduce waste, buying in-store requires different packaging than buying on Amazon.

What is the pouch made from?
The pouch is made from renewable, plant-based materials. This includes Futamura NatureFlex, a renewable bioplastic currently listed as a #7 recyclable material that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified. Also, Braskem #4 LDPE, a recyclable material derived from sustainably sourced, non-GMO sugarcane ethanol.

Additionally, the pouch has been approved by the USDA BioPreferred Program - a curriculum that was created to certify products derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials and provide an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products. For more information, please visit

Will my product maintain its integrity?
The material is FDA approved and is 100% safe to be in contact with your product. As with any packaged consumable product, make sure the container is completely sealed to maintain the highest quality.

How does this packaging help lower carbon emissions?
Since the packaging conforms to the product’s shape without excess air, it's much smaller. Smaller packaging requires fewer resources to produce and is shipped to you more efficiently by fitting up to 5x more products per truckload. These efficiencies create a more sustainable process focused on reducing resource dependencies.

Is the packaging curbside recyclable?
The box that your pouch was shipped in is 100% curbside recyclable. The combination of compostable and recyclable material is an innovative approach to creating a pouch from renewable bioplastic. Unfortunately, this innovative collaboration is not curbside recyclable or compostable yet. As the industry evolves, greater avenues for end-of-use are being developed.

What can I do with the pouch once I've used the product?
You will need to check with your local recycling service to find where this can be taken when you have consumed the product. We encourage you to reuse and repurpose the pouch if you are unable to recycle it.

Where can I buy products that come in the Enyzymedica Ecopack?
Right now, the Ecopack is exclusive to Enzymedica Digest Gold (120 Count) and available on Amazon only. You can order by clicking here. We will announce plans to expand this in the near future.