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Creative Services

In-house studio capabilities ensure that your brand’s content and story are optimized for the Amazon consumer

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Digital Marketing

Comprehensive strategy development, ad creation, and daily ad management focused on brand objectives

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Customer Support

Our dedicated team of customer service professionals keeps your brand protected from poor experiences outside of your control.

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Team of experts

At Netrush, our greatest strength is leveraging teams devoted to your brand. To help with shopper engagement, our hands-on account managers are supported by a team focused on working together on a single, unified strategy.

Meet your Account Manager

We're the front line communicators responsible for information flow, executing strategic initiatives, and ongoing project management. We get to form close relationships with our partner brands, learn about their goals and challenges on the Amazon platform, and execute a strategy to help grow their business with our talented internal teams.

Netrush has provided a challenging atmosphere across varying categories. We're able to learn from experiences from this wide range of industry leaders, encouraging collaboration and creative solutions to the ever-evolving challenges of Amazon.

Brittney Weissenbuehler, Senior Account Manager

Meet your Research Manager

We’re Netrush's R&D department. We help the company and our partners learn, innovate, and identify opportunities for growth. We conduct market research and other research projects, test and validate new tools and ideas, track and report KPIs, and more. We're kind of like explorers.

At Netrush, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by intelligent, passionate people. And there are opportunities to grow and learn every day!

Sara Davis, Manager, Netrush Labs

Meet your Director of Advertising & Optimization

Our strength is in our power to solve. We’re responsible for overseeing the planning and execution of comprehensive Amazon PPC and display strategies on behalf of both Netrush and our partner brands. We tailor our strategic models to optimize for each stage of the brand lifecycle.

Over the past few years, Amazon Advertising has grown from an internal startup to one of Amazon's largest profit drivers. Working in a space that essentially doubles in size every year has been a mind-blowing experience.

Jackson Hathaway, Director, Advertising & Optimization

Meet your Marketplace Health Director

The Amazon Marketplace is home to a lot of product listings. When it comes to catalog operations, we have a big hand with keeping that marketplace populated by creating, updating, and monitoring listings for our current brand partners. Speed, efficiency, and laser-like attention to detail are our superpowers.

Our Account Health and Catalog Teams are the silent strength behind our partner's Amazon presence. Creating, updating, maintaining, building, rebuilding, troubleshooting, and reinstating - they do it all, and they do it well. Each new problem represents an opportunity, and we embrace it!

Jeni Malone, Marketplace Health Director
Jeni M

Meet your Customer Support Rep

We're a small, nimble team that believes every customer deserves an A-list experience. We live to educate, inform, and problem solve. We work with the entire Netrush team and our brand partners to strategize how to best help our customers every step along their purchase journey.

I have been at Netrush for over five years and have experienced a lot of the major growth and change, which has been very exciting.

Andrea Ten Kley, Customer Experience Manager

Meet your Art Director

We like to consider ourselves an extension of our partners' vision. We make sure their voice is seen and heard through the filter of Amazon. We’re a fast-moving team of creatives ranging from photographers and videographers, graphic designers, production artists, and, of course, our drone.

Netrush has curated a brilliant group of leaders of whom I'm proud to call my team. What we do best is build great relationships, and I'm very proud of the Studio we've created in the past two years.

Robert Robbins, Art Director

Meet your Graphic Designer

As graphic designers, our job is to bring ideas to life and deliver them to your screens. We capture the unique visuals that make our brand partners’ products stand out and translate them so they shine bright on the Amazon platform. Our language is defined by color, scale, and balance.

I love working in a team environment and we have fostered a real collaborative, fun, vibrant workplace. It's always evolving and I love it!

R.K. Cobban, Senior Graphic Designer

Meet your Copywriter

Meet the editorial team. We've got a passion for writing, an eagle eye for organization, and a keen understanding of Amazon and e-commerce. We collaborate with creative directors, designers and strategists to tell our brand partners’ product stories across a wide variety of projects.

I love the energy here. The team is constantly learning, always pushing for new creative solutions. It feels fresh, alive, and vibrant.

Shon-Lueiss Harris, Copywriter

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