Netrush Partners with Camber to Continue Its Journey Toward a More Inclusive, Equitable, and Diverse Workplace


Today, Netrush is proud to announce it has become part of the Camber community, as an active corporate partner. Camber is a nonprofit organization that equips corporations, nonprofits, and small businesses with programming and tools that accelerate systems change by creating inclusive cultures, implementing equitable systems, and attracting a diversity of talent to their workplaces.

“We know that developing goals, sharing accountabilities, engaging participation, and evaluating progress will prompt change,” said Brian Gonsalves, CEO at Netrush. “Camber will help us get there by delivering resources across all leadership levels so that every employee can enact systemic organizational change and our organization can reach the full potential of workplace DEI.”

Netrush joins more than 300 Camber Partners who share a commitment implementing organizational systems change that creates inclusive cultures, equitable systems, and will ultimately attract and retain a diversity of talent across the outdoor industry.

“Camber is proud to have Netrush join our coalition of companies who are committed to a future where diversity, equity, and inclusion are woven into every aspect of operations and culture,” said Michelle Wardian, Board Chair of Camber. “Our shared commitment to progress is what will make change happen in this industry and beyond.”

“I look forward to working with the Netrush team, who are committed to the process of building a more diverse and inclusive workplace,” said Emily Newman, Camber’s Executive Director. “Our future success as individual businesses and as an industry is in large part decided by what we do today and together to implement lasting systems change — from engaging and recruiting diverse talent to rethinking best practices around employee training and promotion. We have exciting, collaborative opportunities for progress in front of us, and we have the tools and measurable goals needed to meet the moment.”

About Camber
Camber is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing inclusion, equity, and diversity across the workplaces that comprise the $887 billion Outdoor Recreation Economy. Camber provides a growing community of corporations, nonprofits and small businesses with programs and tools that accelerate workplace systems-change. To learn more about Camber, visit

About Netrush
Netrush is an online retailer that partners with premium brands to provide the teams, technology, strategy, and infrastructure needed to thrive on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. With headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, and processing facilities in Kentucky and Canada, Netrush provides a full suite of capabilities ranging from supply chain to creative services that make brands stand out across the shopping journey. For more information, visit