Two Changes that are Improving Amazon Brand Stores


Over the past couple of weeks, Amazon has been quietly making changes to its Brand Stores functionality. These new features are making Brand Stores more visible and possibly a more powerful promotional tool.

Amazon released Brand Stores several years back, and on the surface, it seemed like a great tool for engaging shoppers. Brand Stores provided a plug-and-play way to build brand awareness, cross-sell products, and tell a brand’s story through a DTC-like experience.

There was just one problem: They were notoriously hard for shoppers to find, which is probably why Amazon made these two changes.


Change #1

Brand Stores are being promoted in more prominent places. In the past, product listings used to connect to Brand Stores via a small link at the top of the listing. If you never noticed it, that’s because it was easy to miss.

Fortunately, product listing pages now devote more real estate to promoting Brand Stores. Below the product listing details, there’s now a sizable promotional module that prompts the shopper to check out the Brand Store.

This module auto-populates with links to product categories, so there isn’t a lot of control over how these modules appear. Even with a slight lack of control, this is a welcome improvement.


Change #2

Shoppers can now follow a Brand Store.

By following a Brand Store, shoppers can stay up to date with the people, brands, and interests that they care about. For brands, this is one more way to interact with their audience to keep them engaged.


The main takeaway

Amazon Brand Stores are now easier for shoppers to find. The Netrush team will be following and analyzing these developments closely to see if they significantly impact Brand Store traffic and sales. However, it’s really exciting to see this functionality expand and become more useful.

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