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These services work to discover who your brand is, provide e-commerce strategy, and ensure catalogs are ready for the Amazon Marketplace.

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Retail Analytics

Quarterly insights and advice to drive profitability and competitiveness for current and prospective brands

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Account Management

Dedicated point of contact to support planning and execution; available to assist with outlining your brands e-commerce goals

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Brand Protection

Ongoing compliance enforcement support; monthly reporting with information to take the right actions on pricing and distribution issues

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Team of experts

At Netrush, our greatest strength is leveraging teams devoted to your brand. When solving for retail readiness, our hands-on account managers are supported by a team focused on working together on a single, unified strategy.

Meet your Account Manager

We're the front line communicators responsible for information flow, executing strategic initiatives, and ongoing project management. We get to form close relationships with our partner brands, learn about their goals and challenges on the Amazon platform, and execute a strategy to help grow their business with our talented internal teams.

Netrush has provided a challenging atmosphere across varying categories. We're able to learn from experiences from this wide range of industry leaders, encouraging collaboration and creative solutions to the ever-evolving challenges of Amazon.

Brittney Weissenbuehler, Senior Account Manager

Meet your Retail Analytics Director

In Retail Analytics, our spidey senses are finely tuned to anticipate and, you guessed it, analyze. We develop and implement tools to accurately assess our current (and potential) partners' strengths and vulnerabilities, then use our findings to guide them toward the best path forward.

I love working with a variety of teams to solve business problems and use our data to drive better decisions, ultimately helping our partners succeed to their potential.

Karla Juarez Whelan, Retail Analytics Director

Meet your Business Analyst

Analysis is defined as the detailed examination of the elements or structure of something. We work to help take the inner workings of Amazon from opaque to transparent. We gather, validate, and communicate business data and insights with key decision-making stakeholders.

A fantastic opportunity to leverage data analytics to help our partner brands grow. The focus on problem solving and collaboration are what makes the Netrush experience so captivating.

Will Dolan, Business Analyst

Meet your Brand Protection Lead

Amazon is kind of like a planet. It’s got its own ever-evolving atmosphere that impacts brands with millions of shoppers every hour on the hour. We help our brands navigate this landscape to ensure they have the insights, strategy, and visibility to make data-driven decisions every day.

My team is focused on helping brands to engage in a more proactive approach to compliance. The result is full transparency of the entire Amazon equation.

Craig Phillipps, Program Manager
craig 1

Meet your Marketplace Health Director

The Amazon Marketplace is home to a lot of product listings. When it comes to catalog operations, we have a big hand with keeping that marketplace populated by creating, updating, and monitoring listings for our current brand partners. Speed, efficiency, and laser-like attention to detail are our superpowers.

Our Account Health and Catalog Teams are the silent strength behind our partner's Amazon presence. Creating, updating, maintaining, building, rebuilding, troubleshooting, and reinstating - they do it all, and they do it well. Each new problem represents an opportunity, and we embrace it!

Jeni Malone, Marketplace Health Director
Jeni M

Meet your Customer Support Rep

We're a small, nimble team that believes every customer deserves an A-list experience. We live to educate, inform, and problem solve. We work with the entire Netrush team and our brand partners to strategize how to best help our customers every step along their purchase journey.

I have been at Netrush for over five years and have experienced a lot of the major growth and change, which has been very exciting.

Andrea Ten Kley, Customer Experience Manager

Meet your Inventory Health Specialist

The world of inventory is one that is filled with challenges both known and unknown. Our team works to ensure our headquarters in Washington are on the same page as our warehouse locations to guarantee inventory accuracy across our entire spectrum of brands.

I've been a member of the Netrush team for over four years and my goal is to make everyone's lives easier by supporting internal departments and our valued partners with anything that I can.

Ashley Morgan, Inventory Health Manager

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